5 Ways To Go To College Without Getting Student Loans

Everyone has a right to pursue higher education. It matters for every individual out there who wants to have a future that does not require getting odd jobs to make ends meet. With a college diploma to show, after all, you can apply to any position that you want. You have proof of your knowledge and skills, and so more and more companies may be willing to offer you permanent work.

Despite colleges and universities being open to anyone who wants to learn, though, many people believe that the right to attend school has turned into a privilege. The tuition and miscellaneous fees that institutions ask for these days tend to be sky-high for folks from middle-class families, honestly speaking. Even if the student works part-time, their accumulated money may not suffice for all the expenses that come with being in college. Many people, for this reason, get a financial loan to avoid dropping out or taking a leave of absence due to financial constraints.

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While we are not condemning the firms that lend money to students, it is a well-known fact that the interests charged cause them to remain in debt for years after receiving their degree. Some even have to pay it even when they are already married with kids. As helpful as they may seem, therefore, the process of reimbursing the loan may eventually become burdensome for you.

If you genuinely want to go to college, but your funds are not enough, you should consider other ways to do it without getting student loans.

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  1. Look For An Affordable School

The first thing to think of is that you don’t always have to aim for an Ivy League school. Going to one may increase your chances of seeing a better future, but it does not entail that you can’t be as successful as its alumni if you attend community college. Your accomplishments in your adult life are mostly based on your determination and skills; that’s why it is okay to go to a school that has the lowest tuition fees.

  1. Get A Scholarship

Assuming your brain has always been your strength, you may utilize it to obtain a scholarship from universities or private sectors. Schools that are big into different sports provide an educational grant to the most athletic students as well. Either can be your ticket to attending a respectable college without going in debt.

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  1. Work At The Institution

A community college or university does not solely consist of classrooms where students and teachers can discuss various subject matters. There are offices, libraries, gyms, and other areas in it too that require workforce. Hence, it will not hurt to inquire at the school where you want to study about any job that they offer to undergrads like you.

  1. Apply For A Grant

The state, as well as private organizations, are generous enough to provide financial assistance to students who have no means to receive higher education. Their requirements are not too strict, to be honest. Some look for your willingness to relocate to their city; others are searching for traits or talents that you can share with them. The percentage of the fees they will cover depends on the economicneeds of the learner.

  1. Find A Company That Offers Tuition Reimbursement

If all else fails, you should look for a business that is willing to pay your college expenses in exchange for your services to the company. Starbucks, for instance, offers full tuition reimbursement for employees who are already in their third year. Walmart started doing a similar thing mid-2018 as well, giving subsidies to workers taking up a Business degree in selected institutions. The best part is that such programs are open for part- and full-time employees.

Final Thoughts

The thought of attending a university with enough money can be daunting for anyone – that is true. You tend to worry about the books you need to buy, as well as the food and shelter that you have to pay for monthly. Nevertheless, you can still survive college without getting student loans once you follow any of the tips above.


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