Why You Should Not Think Of Dropping Out Of College

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Being a student for more than ten years and often needing to push your intellectual, physical, and mental strengths to the limit can genuinely be very exhausting. You have been to school ever since you can remember. Some of the teachers and classmates may be different, yet the level of difficulty of the tasks you ought to complete may increase as you move up to another year level.

By the time you reach college, therefore, you may come across other students who are eyeing the thought of dropping out and starting life out of the campus. They might say, “Oh, I know enough. I can run a business of my own now.” Others tend to make themselves believe that they should be making money already instead of spending it on tuition, dormitory, and various miscellaneous stuff that you ought to pay for in the university.

No matter how alluring the idea of leaving school before getting your Bachelor’s degree sounds like, though, you should not give in to it because:

  1. Your Vision May Not Be As Clear As Mark Zuckerberg’s, Etc.

Some multimillionaires and billionaires in different industries reached their current status without a college diploma. That is a fact that still put many people in awe. After all, there are folks out there who have their Master’s and Ph.D.’s but may never come close to the level of success that those men and women have.

The thing is, it may be unwise to follow the footsteps of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others if your vision for the future is not as bright as theirs. You may have a high IQ, but you have to be able to apply your knowledge in the real world. You may be excellent at coming up with business ideas, yet you need to produce a realistic strategy. Otherwise, you might drop out in vain.

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  1. You Can Use It As A Fallback Plan

Think for a second about the men and women who work in the military. Their job is practically harder than anyone else’s, and so they get well-compensated for it. When they retire, these people can live off of their pension and never have to look for work again. Nonetheless, many of them still choose to study on the side and obtain a college degree.

The reason is that some folks in service go on retirement around their 30s or 40s. They can become a part of the workforce still or open a business instead of staying at home, waiting for a pension to come to their bank account. However, it would be a challenge to find a stable job without a diploma from a university.

That is something for you to ponder about when you consider dropping out again.

  1. You Need Connections To Succeed

How most universities arrange the curriculum is that they place the fundamental subject matters in the first year and then compact the most complex ones in the third or fourth year. The educators that they allow to handle the latter classes usually have more knowledge and first-hand experience in the industry compared to the instructors that teach the former.

The thing is, it is vital to building a connection with professors who have an association with various companies or know people who do. You cannot usually speak with them, however, unless you are one of their students. So, for the sake of expanding your network, staying at the university until you receive your degree may be worth it.

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Final Thoughts

Dropping out of college may never be recommendable in a world where having a diploma is like the key to better career opportunities. Without one, you might keep on getting low wage even if your talents are better than the others. Success may not come easily too if you are not your own boss.

Keep the things mentioned above in mind while you still don’t have a degree so that you can stop yourself from thinking of dropping out at any given time. Good luck!

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