Is Studying In College Worth It?

College is the educational stage of life that your family wants you to finish. That’s because it somehow determines what goes beyond your future after graduation. But I’m not saying that the end of the road will become the same to all of those graduates who pursue their majors same as yours. There are instances that most of the graduates pretty much don’t turn out the way their parents, friends, and relatives, expect them to be. That goes for you as well.


There are tons of unexpected things that can happen in school. You might fail a subject or lose connection with friends due to your focus on your studies. You might stop considering relationships because of your educational goal. You might get compared to some of your friends and relatives who continuously shift courses. You might end up pursuing a career you don’t even like. You might get into bad habits from badly influenced peers. You might experience some tough college life with limited people supporting you. A lot of things can happen that is out of your control. But before you think about dropping out of school, let me freshen up why you need to go to college and finish a degree.

Better Employment In The Future

It is understandable that not all individuals are fortunate enough to study in college. It is expensive and sometimes unsustainable. Students like you often suffer from massive debts and student loans that result in dropping out and working multiple jobs. But when you think about it, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn a salary almost triple to those who didn’t enter the tertiary level. Compared to high school graduates, college grads have a better chance of getting better employment. Aside from hitting the job, there’s also a great chance of getting a promotion. Therefore, you have to decide how important college is for your future.


Advanced Knowledge And Training

Choosing the right course can be stressful, but you can always test the waters and figure out your passion. Yes, there are college graduates who are still underemployed and unemployed. It is a fact that some of them are jobless, working part-time, searching, and already given up. However, compared to other job hunters, college graduates are one step ahead of the game. That’s due to enhanced skills college grads have. The learning they received from years spent attending classes supports career services, job fairs, volunteering programs, and internships. All are beneficial and handy when applying for jobs after graduation. That’s because most companies require a certain level or degree that suits perfectly in a vacant position.

Network Growth And More Developmental Opportunities

Some may say that college locks you in a secluded network where there are only two types of people that get stranded in your life; the ones that harm you and the ones that contribute to your well-being. Though these types of people can get mixed up, it is important to note that they are essential for future advancement. That’s because you get access to information through the help of brilliant professors and learn consequences through toxic peers. The connections, whether long-term or short term, can potentially create a difference in your skill and career development.

Better Chance Of Hitting Success

There are times that undergraduates or at least high school graduates become successful due to the mixture of hard work, perseverance, consistency, and a little bit of luck. However, that only applies to approximately 5% of the population. Successful people are usually college graduates who started doing everything from scratch. But you have to note that it’s not about what you learn from school that contributes to your growth. It’s the experience of gaining skills such as analytical, intellectual, and social. These are the things you get from college that give you a chance to think critically and solve problems based on actual situations.


Allows Personality Development

College is the level where you build and create yourself. It is the time where you know what you want, understands what you have to do, and set out goals for your future. Though not all factors in college might help you out in dealing with stress and pressure, it is still the right time to improve yourself. It is the stage where you have to make better decisions based on unbiased judgment. It is where you become the person that seeks opportunity and growth for the benefit of the future. With that said, you also have to be aware of your actions. Because even if college teaches you skill enhancements, it can also become your source of physical and emotional breakdown.

Going to college and deciding what major you want to take is a tough choice. Though not attending it still changes your life forever. Learn to choose what’s right for your future and don’t settle for anything less.

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