Focus Of Decision Analysis In The 2014 New Orleans Palisade Risk Management Conference

The 2014 New Orleans Palisade Risk Management Conference aims to bring industries together. It caters to a wide range of industrial issues, latest technological trends, and best practice in decision and risk analysis. Also, there are case studies tackled in the conference where it discusses a broad range of application. These include safety and security, engineering reliability, branding, and more. The company wants to sustain their focus with its core value such as providing a user-friendly tool that enables industries to come up with a better approach to their industrial problems. The conference provides an exclusive preview of what users should expect in the release of @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software versions.


Risk Management

With an impressive range of enterprises, the software from Palisade takes the business into the next level. It brings powerful analytics to any projects to come up with a better and more stable decision. The company also offers personalized and integrated risk solution that suits any business model. The software promises to deliver model-building services, business consulting, and on-site training as well. It allows convenience for any organization’s needs. The company already proved their worth by supporting clients in their development. These include sustaining research institutions, financial organizations, pharmaceutical companies, insurance, oil and gas industries, and manufacturers.


The risk management software helps in developing a cycle which meets every user’s needs. Its technology includes forecasting, decision trees, linear optimization, genetic algorithm optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, neural networks, the influence diagram, OptQuest Solving Engine, risk, and statistical analysis. Its fast and intuitive interface integrates smoothly with multi-core processes and allows a wide array of charts and graph to analyze and display results.

Palisade never stopped or slowed down in innovating. Throughout decades, the company continues to provide technologies that reached world-class recognition for its risk-solution services to make the best decisions possible. That’s why the discussion of Palisade Risk Management receives positive feedback.

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