Only Times When People Say Dropping Out Is The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Announcing over a family dinner or your friends’ group that you want to drop out of college is enough to cause a stir during the gathering and make everyone wonder if you need therapy online or offline. Ideally, you have always been a model student since grade school. You never go out of line; you give your 100% in every academic activity. Hence, it can be difficult for your loved ones to fathom where this decision comes from.


Truth be told, I was in the same scenario a few years ago when I mentioned to my parents that I wanted to quit university in my final semester to pursue writing full-time. It did not make sense to them, especially since I was posed to become a chemist and have a stable career. My mother once tried to discourage me from dropping out by saying, “If you feel exhausted, you can take a short leave of absence or take a semester off.” However, I had – and still do not have – intentions of going back. More than the financial stability that the new career path gave me, it helped with my mental stability as well, and that allowed my folks to realize that quitting school was the best decision for me.

Now, although things worked out well in my life after dropping out, it does not mean that I encourage anyone to do the same. There are still a lot of jobs that require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and you do not want to miss out on opportunities because you either got bored with studying or assumed that the change of heart is a great idea.

Here are the only times when people might say that quitting university is the best decision you have ever made.


When You Have A Concrete Plan For Success

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs took a similar direction, in the sense that they did not quit university until they already had products that would sell even in the international market. Your plan may not be that lucrative, but it has to come with concrete and actionable steps towards success so that your friends and family members will not wonder whether you have lost your mind.

When Your Mental Health Is No Longer Suffering

Some students drop out of college not because they cannot understand the classes anymore. At times, the reason is that they no longer want to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue that they might have acquired while studying. That is not impossible to occur, primarily if you are expected to put a lot of effort into an activity that you do not appreciate. Hence, your family may even be thankful for it when they see that you are healing well outside of school.

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When You Seem Happier Than Ever

Lastly, no one will question your decision when they can all see that you are happier where you are now than you have ever been when you were still at the university. There is a spring in your step every time you enter the room; you open up to more people, too, which you have probably not done before. In other words, you have grown as a person. That may not happen if you are doing something that you dread.

Final Thoughts

Dropping out of university is a decision that you should not take lightly. If you do it because a talent agency has offered you a deal to become a model or actor – but there’s no real job yet – what will you do if it ends up being a scam? If you quit with only an assumption that you will excel in another career without even having experience in the field, you might want to swallow your words and beg your parents to send you back to university.

Regret – that is the main thing that you need to avoid when making such a decision. The only times when you may not feel regretful about quitting school are when you are in a similar situation as any of the circumstances above.

Think a million times about it; pray to the higher beings to guide you in the right direction. Good luck!


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