Do You Need A College Degree To Succeed?


Getting a college degree is very expensive. The tuition costs run up to thousands of dollars. Many college students take out a student loan to pay their tuition. It is not surprising that many individuals wonder whether getting a college degree is truly necessary. There are many factors involved.

Because of these factors, it is challenging to come up with a mathematical equation that will prove that an investment in a college education will result in real-dollar profits for the rest of your life. The value of your college degree will depend on factors such as where you will live and work after you graduate, how much in total you paid for your college education, and what type of career you intend to pursue.

For specific individuals who wish to get a job in a trade such as construction or plumbing, getting a traditional college degree may not be the ideal option to take. But that does not mean your days in a classroom are over. Even if you finally decide that getting a college degree is not for you, it is highly recommended that you obtain an education from a career school or attend a program at a vocational training school. This will allow you to gain marketable skills.

However, it is usually a brilliant choice for individuals to obtain a college degree. In most career paths that are very lucrative, getting a job requires a college degree. Below are several reasons why getting a college degree is worth the high cost and why it is a necessity.

A College Degree Can Provide A Bigger Salary


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the income you will potentially earn is directly related to your educational attainment. For example, in 2015, individuals over the age of 25 years with a Bachelor’s degree were earning an average of one thousand one hundred thirty-seven dollars each week, while individuals who only graduated from high school were earning an average of six hundred seventy-eight dollars each week.

Having a college degree allows you to obtain jobs that have higher salaries. Even when applying for a job vacancy that does not require a college degree, having a bachelor’s degree puts you at a greater advantage over other job seekers who did not get a college degree.

Attending College Can Be A Rewarding Life Experience

Attending college allows you to study an assortment of subjects. It also broadens your perspective. The college degree will enable you to interact with other students and professors. It provides you with an opportunity to lead a team or a group. Attending college allows you to gain skills that you will find useful for the rest of your life. You may even get to interact with some leaders of the industry. You might also be able to become an intern at a company that you want to join eventually. Some college students even have the opportunity to attend colleg e abroad.

A College Degree Might Be A Requirement For Your Chosen Career

A college degree is often a requirement for many professions. Some professions even require a graduate degree. For example, accountants, lawyers, doctors, and teachers need more than a bachelor’s degree.


Getting A College Degree Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

A college degree does not have to come from a costly university. There are state universities and community colleges that provide quality college education that is more affordable than most private colleges and universities. You may also apply for scholarships and financial aid.

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