Does A Decent Job Require You To Have A College Degree? What About Apprenticeship?


Nowadays, students who graduate from high school are often expected to attend a college or a university to get a college degree. Most of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were able to get jobs even though they did not have college degrees.

Many individuals are wondering why students today who graduate from high school are strongly encouraged to continue studying at a college or a university. According to career counselors, having a college degree means getting a good job that pays well. In other words, getting an education is preparing for getting a good job later in life. A study from Georgetown University states that in 2020, sixty-five percent of companies will be hiring individuals who either have a college degree or have undergone some form of training after they graduated from high school.

College students do not have to choose their major until after they finish their second year of studies in college. This means students in college spend only two years studying subjects that are directly related to their chosen career. The rest of their time in college is spent studying general education subjects.

After a student graduates from college, they then search for a job. Once hired, they usually undergo job training conducted by the company. The concept of going through job training contradicts the purpose of attending college. Obtaining a college degree is supposed to prepare you for work in your chosen profession.

Some individuals wonder why there is a need to attend college if a newly-hired employee will still be undergoing job training. They are asking why a student who graduated from high school cannot undergo the same job training.

Requiring a degree from a college to obtain a decent job does not make sense. Of course, there are professions like computer engineers, doctors, and lawyers whose fields are involved. Because of this complexity, it is understandable for these professions to require at least a bachelor’s degree. But a college degree should not be a minimum requirement in careers where newly-hired employees undergo job training.

Advantages Of Apprenticeship


The solution to this problem is to provide apprenticeship. Students who graduate from high school can immediately join a company as an apprentice. The company then trains them. The newly-hired employees will then learn the details of their job. And they did not have to waste time and money attending college where they will be learning a lot of information that is not relevant to their job.

The method of providing apprenticeship also solves a significant problem that college students often face. They have issues like choosing a major and later on finding out after they graduate that there are not many job openings in the career that they have chosen. With the practice of providing apprenticeships, individuals will be able to choose a profession that they would be motivated to pursue.

They will then be learning the details of their job instead of spending that time attending college. After four years of job training, participants in apprenticeship will be better qualified and will know more about their job compared to individuals who have just spent four years in college. Moreover, most college graduates have student loans to repay.

Disadvantages Of Apprenticeship


There is one disadvantage of apprenticeships, though. Recent graduates from high school are sometimes too young to know which career is the best fit for them. They might choose a profession that they will later realize does not interest them. Students in college usually spend their first two years exploring different career options.

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