The 2014 Austin Career Advancement Convention – A Conference For Women

The 2014 Austin Career Advancement Convention is a conference that promotes, empowers, and advances the influence of women at work and in her career. It provides female attendees with inspiration, motivation, connection, and networking for skill-building which contributes to every endeavor. “Remaining resilient helps make sound decisions, think clearly, creatively and maintain the persistence needed to find a career,” Lubna Somjee, Ph.D.


The Mission Of The Conference

The annual Texas Conference for Women holds its annual event at the Austin Convention Center. The goal of the conference is to eliminate gender discrimination at work. There’s a discussion about equality regarding company leadership while also reducing the pay gap for women. There is also an aim to inspire future generations of young women through the potential program.

Positive Growth

Women on the convention garner a collection of wisdom, experience, and inspiration from women and men of different backgrounds. There is a teaching lesson on how to make a successful career switching and start a small business. “In order to find the career that is right fit for you, you must first get in touch with your 4 P’s – passion, personality, preferences and principles,” says Jamie Lewis Smith, PhD. There’s an offered learning in leading organizations towards success while balancing work and life issues. People receive advice on how to deal with change and manage stress. Most importantly, the presentation of pieces of information on how to market themselves and effectively communicate with others gets viewed as well. All of the above brings together active professionals to renew and connect.



It is a unique event that gives a lot of opportunities for women in the sphere of business networking and professional development. This non-profit event contains skill-building discussions, keynote speakers, and opportunities to develop career connections with other women. The activities range from health issues, career improvement, and personal finance as well. “Aligning your career with your mission (or message) can sustain you when setbacks occur,” explains Melissa Slawsky, Ph.D.

The Texas Conference for Women provides its attendees the motivation and inspiration to move forward for over 15 years. People love the experience of making a connection during the conference. It also provides the pivot and opportunity which can change their life through communication.

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